How much Bitcoin could I own today?


If I had bought worth of Bitcoin rather than since , I would have saved €14'620.00, and I would own about ₿0.57290442 worth €34'214.94 today, that is to say a rise in value of €19'594.94 (+134.03%).

What is Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) and how does it work?

Bitcoin's exchange rate can fluctuate a lot. DCA is a simple, beginner-friendly saving strategy helping you minimise short-term volatility. By making small & regularly scheduled savings over a longer period of time, you can reduce the emotional stress of price volatility, reach the best average price per BTC, and maximise your returns. Read more on DCA here.

What is Bitcoin? Why do I want to hold some?

You don't buy Bitcoin to "get rich quick", but rather to avoid becoming poor slowly... With inflation, the buying power of your cash savings is melting away every month. For example, 100 US$ a century ago is worth only 3.5 $ today. Similarly, the Euro has lost almost a third of its buying power in only 20 years. Due to inflation, today's Swiss household would have to spend over 400 CHF today to buy the same basket they would buy with 100 francs in 1961. Bitcoin is a mathematically proven scarce asset, as there will only ever be 21 million BTC in circulation. There is no central bank or company who can decide to create more. As more people are becoming interested in Bitcoin, they will need to share this finite amount. Buying some fractions of Bitcoin today is like investing in a bit of real estate of this new world for the future.

What is a satoshi? What does "stacking sats" mean?

The same way a euro can be divided into 100 cents, a bitcoin can be divided into 100,000,000 units called "satoshis" (as a reference to the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin. Accumulating small amounts of satoshis (rather than trying to time the market or trading) is the humble and efficient way to save into Bitcoin, and is referred to as "stacking sats".

How do I start?

Stacking sats with Butanuki is very easy. Create and verify your account in minutes, set up an order with the amount in EUR or CHF you want to save, and your preferred schedule. Finally, create a recurring transfer your banking app. Every week or month you will see your stack of sats grow in your Bitcoin wallet. Start saving now, click here.